What do we exactly offer?

We will organize any shipment fitting in following criteria

Distance and direction

From Ural to Gibraltar

We currently operate in entire Europe, but we are ready to expand our operations to include other countries, depending on your transport needs. We will transport goods both on short distances and long routes connecting remote parts of Europe.

Size and weight

From a Pallet to full Trailers, from one kilo, to bulk

We adapt means of transport to any type of goods You need to be carried. Extensive transport fleet at our disposal include all kinds of veficles, from buses, through standard trucks and trailers, to oversize cargo platfoms.

Cargo type

Anything that wont bite or explode

We are able to organize the transport of standard goods, dangerous goods (ADR) excluding groups I and VII (explosive and radioactive), oversized cargo, fresh or frozen products, and many more.